Log Cabin Mug Rug (Blueprint)

Log Cabin Mug Rug (Blueprint)

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Mug rugs are a delightful fusion of a tiny quilt and a spacious coaster. Perfectly sized to cradle your favorite mug and a snack, hold your tarot deck during reflections or showcase your favorite piece of jewelry.

Imagine them as mini quilts tailored for your bedside table, desk, or any flat surface in your home. Add a sprinkle of extra art to your daily routine, enhancing moments of relaxation and indulgence.

Why Choose Mug Rugs?

Versatility: From coffee companions to meditation must-haves, mug rugs adapt to your every mood.

Handcrafted Magic: Each rug is crafted with love and intention, making it a tiny work of art that speaks to your unique style.

A Cozy Touch: Elevate your rituals with warmth and creativity, savoring each moment in the company of your unique mug rug.

Joy in Small Things: Embrace the simple pleasures. Our mug rugs bring joy to the small moments, making each sip a celebration.

Explore the Possibilities!

Transform your space, one tiny work of art at a time. Welcome the charm, warmth, and creativity of this handcrafted mug rug into your home.

This mug rug was created with an original design using 100% cotton. 

Approximately 11.5" x 8.5"